Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Happy Easter

As has become a tradition, we had a family picture taken in front of the Easter flowers at church Easter morning.  The alter design team did an awesome job making the church look like the place where church-goers would praise and rejoice!  The hyacinth, daffodils and Easter lilies made a chilly Sunday look like springtime!

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Sunday!

Leo, having a snack in his class at church.

Leo and his friend Eli @ church

Jack and his new friend, Peter Cottontail, all buckled up and riding to the Overlook

Leo is holding his new buddy, Lambchop.
Easter 2013 was also our 6th Anniversary.  Jack and Leo got a few gifts from Mom & Dad, we went to church and then we had lunch at the Overlook in Leavenworth.  We had a great view of the Ohio River (which I forgot to photograph).  Cooked ham, fried chicken and b-b-q ribs were on the menu...and then in our bellies!  Combined with sweet tea and topped with cheesecake, it was a great celebration of many, many wonderful things. 

Easter with the Powers

Easter Egg hunt and dinner with the Powers family on Saturday 3/30/13

First 2013 trip to the zoo!

We had blueberry muffins for breakfast on Easter Saturday (3/30/13).  While eating, Jack asked if we could go to the zoo on his birthday since (according to him), the zoo opens on May 18.  When I told him the zoo was always open, he said, "Oh, well, I wish we could just go today."  So, we did.  On a whim, we threw aside housework, nap time and laundry and went to the zoo.

What a great day it turned out to be.  The zoo wasn't very crowded, the weather was nice and all of the animals were out.  We saw the small tiger up close, the orangutan was climbing along the edge of the windows and the maned wolf was pacing the perimeter.  Leo and Jack got to feed the swans, geese and ducks.  Although, one swan was very aggressive and guarded most of the bread.  The flamingos were near the walkway, which Leo LOVED!!  The polar bear and seals were very active and put on swimming shows.  The female lion was roaring.  But, the best part was the gorilla exhibit.  The boys got to see one gorilla outside, eating a stick.  On the inside of the exhibit, a big gorilla was up to the glass.  Jack walked up and was eye to eye with the gorilla.  The two stared in each others eyes.  We hit the playground and then a finale ride on the carousel.  It was awesome!

Leo - Nuff Said

Leo @ home in sweatpants, t-shirt and one of Dad's hats.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Momma, Don't let your babies grow up to be Hoosier fans

March Madness is @ our house!!  In case you can't tell by Jack's crazy hair and Leo's maniacal expressions!!!

The boys were ready for the IU game on Sunday, March 24.  And, of course, since Uncle Fletch was coming for dinner, they just had to wear their IU jerseys.  Bless their little of these days they'll see the folly of their ways and cheer only for Momma's Wildcats!

Easter Egg Hunt 2013

On Saturday, March 23, Leo & Jack hunted eggs at Faithpoint.  We were so excited to see so many new faces - a lot kids who don't normally attend our church.  Even though there were a lot of kids hunting eggs, still plenty for Leo & Jack.  Jack even got his picture taken with the Easter Bunny!!  Leo had no interest in the Easter Bunny, except to know that the big, giant bunny was no where near.  As with Santa Claus, our normally daring little guy was a little skeptical...